Terms and Conditions

Changes and basic regulations: only adults who accept Terms and Conditions can remain on the website. We would like to inform that changes on the website can be done on an ongoing basis without the need to inform the users. The fact that the user is using the website means that he/she accepts its Terms and Conditions.

Obligations and limitations: user of the website should:
    • Not spread materials and contect that can bring business damage to the owner of the website.
    • Not posting any content which may be considered offensive or violates applicable law.
    • Not use tools, devices or applications that can slow down or forbid functioning of the website.

Changes of the Terms and Conditions: Terms and Conditions of using the website can be change and modified without informing users about it. Therefore the user should get familiar with Terms and Conditions everytime when visiting the website.

Products and services
In case of using the offer of products products and services available on the website, remote contract of sale is placed. For that, it is necessary to correctly fulfill an electronic form of the order, especially: providing the right e-mail address, fulfilling the fields in the form using keyboard or other electronic devices, providing delivery data.
The concluded Sales Agreement is a distance contract, therefore it is subject to all regulations of such a contract.
It means that the buyer holds the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days - without the need to provide a reason. The period of 14 days is counted from the moment of delivery of the products available on the website. To resign from the distance contract, the user should send an appropriate declaration of will and send back the purchased products on the address given by the seller. The buyer acknowledges that reimbursement concerns purchased products and services without refunding possible delivery costs and sending the products back to the warehouse.
If the user paid for the purchased product in cash, then the reimbursement will be done to a bank account (transfer) or credit card used for the purchase.

Payment Prices of products and services on the website include VAT but do not include delivery costs. Delivery costs are given in the summary of the order and are different for different forms of delivery.

Forms of payment There are available forms of payment such as: credit card or debit card; bank transfer; Paypal, cash on delivery.

Delivery Delivery of the product is realised  as soon as possible. In case of a waiting period longer than 7 days, the user will receive a proper notification on his/her e-mail or by other available means of communication.

Claims and complaints: if the buyer ascertain the contradiction of the purchased product with the agreement, he has the right to a warrant. Within the warrant, within 2 years it is possible to:
    • lower the price of the damaged product,
    • Withdraw from the contract,
    • change to product to one with no flaws,
    • fix the product.

Cookie files The website uses cookie files in the body of information technology data and text files. Cookie files can be used for marketing purposes (such as targeting and retargeting of the content), statistics purposes (statistics of the website, counter of the visits etc.) and for purposes necessary for functioning of the website. No personal data of any kind are stored in the cookie files.

Cookie files can be deleted by the user with the use of proper browser options.

Limitation of Liability The liability of the parties is limited to the provisions of the records included in the present Terms and In these Terms and Conditions.

Privacy policy
Privacy policy records are saved in "Privacy Policy" file.